Building the Foundation

Foundation for StartUps

With the handful of tech startups booming around the globe, our prime goal is to invest in not only the one with the best business plan but also the one which has the potential to sustain and embark a revolution in the industry. Enthusiastic minds who are proactively preaching a new tech world are our target of the hunt.

We believe that our best investment is the one that does not only optimize our money entirely but also feeds our brains with flourishing new thoughts and ideas that are always spinning around with the wheel of the trend. Companies which are looking forward to building and growing within the society and for the society are the ones we believe will bring fortune to our investment. Our ideology is to put ignition to something that already has the million dollar idea, to lift off the ground. To evaluate the return on our investment, we lay grounds in terms of development both at the individual and societal level, advancement in the industry, maturation of primitive ideas and an introduction of the new ones, monetary benefits, and satisfactory results.

Diligent Entrepreneurs

We look for diligent entrepreneurs who have intelligent skills to make things happen while being an excellent leader as well. Innovation comes out of young and desperate minds that are always hungry for a new structure and product that can change the world for a better place. These minds collectively can bring about a unique plan and we, as an investor are more than happy to become a part of it. Measuring the depth of the investing landscape that has grown with time, it’s important for us to choose the right company to invest in as there are many startups who want to get funded. .

To choose the right match for ourselves, we look for the people who can comply coherently with our set of expectation and level up with the bar of business that we want to establish. We don’t believe in conventional investing methods where you just put your money on the safer side. Our belief is to stake our money even when the traction isn’t the best among other companies, given that the team is willing to pave the path with us and open up gates to new possibilities.

Exchange of Ideas

It’s essential to remember that the investment doesn’t only come with monetary returns but it’s rather a holistic takeaway where there is a heavy exchange of ideas, values, insights, mutual understanding and a harmonious relationship. What we ought to build is a relationship beyond money with the firm and that’s what we look for in a company. The net outcome may not be as fruitful as the journey, which counts the most. If you think your company’s portfolio has a diversity of innovative ideas, creative ways to attain a goal which is in favor of the tech industry and society, and a like-minded team of people who are committed towards their work then you’re welcome aboard to take your risk and play your game and turn your dream into reality!

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