Investing in highly innovative tech thats out to change the world for the better.

Unlocking Tech

Technology is having the ability to open doors for people all around the world.

Investment key

The key to success is a very tight investment discipline

Welcome To NorthWest

Quadrant Ventures

Searching For Great Ideas- Investing In Stellar People and Startups!

We invest in and provide strategic advice to startups and newer companies on patents, manufacturing, go to market strategies, syndication of mid-stage growth financing, as well as Venture Debt financing. If it has to do with investment capital and business growth strategies, we would like to hear about it.

Our primary focus is early stage investing in disruptive technologies that are highly innovative and are attempting to do something that no one else has accomplished yet. Early stage to us, encompasses, seed, startup, angel, and first round investing. We are thesis driven investors and are sector agnostic and welcome all ideas and startups to contact us.

When a company fits into our "sweet spot" (meaning it aligns well with our investment thesis and has the business characteristics we look for), we are more than willing to take on the financial risk of market development, business development, management team development, and business model development. If this is you, please feel free to contact me and let's speak about your opportunity, we would love to hear about it. 

Also, I have also lived, done business and traveled this world several times over and bring this experience and those valuable business contacts to the table. I am passionate about, health, water, agriculture, sustainability, and winning! Contact me here for company and funding strategies or if you wish to have a 2nd opinion.

“The Next Big Thing!”

We invest in and provide strategic advice to startups on patents, manufacturing, go to market strategies, syndication of finance rounds and venture debt financing. If has to do with funding, scaling growth of startups or general business strategies we would like to hear about it.

The MAN Behind Our Company


Managing Partner and Co – Founder

Financing seed-stage technology companies, intellectual property, technology licensing, valuation of raw technology, finding product-market fit, building and buying aggressive patent portfolios to protect young companies, economic damages analysis, patent licensing, commercial IP litigation.


The best way to predict the future is to create it with your startup!

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